Why I, a Hashnode ambassador and a Top-50 author, am leaving Hashnode

Why I, a Hashnode ambassador and a Top-50 author, am leaving Hashnode

Because of "post and run" culture.

I’m busy launching my own blog, so I’ll make this quick.

Not long ago, I wrote about how I left dev.to because they shadowbanned my essay. Long story short, Hashnode also shadowbanned this very essay — here it is.

So, everything I said about dev.to is true for Hashnode as well.

That’s the reason number one.

The reason number two is when I tried to engage with the community and other people’s discussions, I saw a lot of posts and views, but close to no replies. That means the majority of Hashnode users are here not for discussing what they find interesting and not for collaboration, but for the sake of being on Hashnode.

They try to grow their online presence by crossposting generic takes on age-old topics all over the developers’ publishing scene.

I don’t want to be a part of this. To me, thousands of my dev.to followers mean nothing, because dev.to subscribe them to me automatically. They never wanted to subscribe.

To me, one genuine follower who wants to read my essays not because they (not) feature some trendy tech and hashtags, but because they’re my essays, worth more than a thousand regular “followers” on dev.to or Hashnode.

I also dislike the Hashnode’s handling of my essays. You got to either explicitly ban them with notifying me, or don’t ban them at all. What kind of censorship is this?

To my readers

Dear sincere readers who enjoy my essays and what I do! Welcome to 🎉 My Own Blog 🎉! It has all the articles I’ve ever published, it has comments, a newsletter, and has no platform censorship — there is no platform!

New essays and projects will be announced on my Twitter, BMC and Newsletter.

You can also hit me up on Telegram.

Goodbye Hashnode ✌️

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