I launch complex web products from the ground up.


I am a software architect and a team lead who solves tasks and launches products instead of fiddling around with tools.

Instead of following the latest frameworks cargo-cult, I design fundamental things like data models and product specifications, choosing the right paradigm and tools for your future product. I write guidelines and create application architecture from the ground up.

I make sure your product will not fail because of the technical side and will have low support and extension costs.

Good news!

I now help people to find a job. My help is free. I'll give feedback and recommendations on your CV, we'll build a new CV together if you don't have one or want to improve yours, I then post your CV on my LinkedIn where I have several thousands connections.

I earn no money from recruiters or companies for doing this.

All you have to do is โญ DM me on Telegram.




I release projects in a decentralized manner.

Articles are on dev.to, consumer products are on Product Hunt, open source tools are on GitHub and so on.

I made a newsletter for people who want to never miss my releases. If you subscribe, you'll receive a plain text message everytime I release something. No spam and no ads ever. I never sell or share your data. Unsubscribe link has the highest priority.


Experience and bio